3E Houses

  • The project: idea

    3e-HOUSES project deals with the integration of the most established ICT technologies in social housing in order to provide an innovative service for energy efficiency.

    • Real time monitoring of the energy consumption
    • Integration of renewable energies
    • Creating the resources to lower energy consumption
  • Partners

    The consortium for 3e-HOUSES project is comprised by a balanced group of public and private partnership adequate for the achievement of the project objectives.

    For each of the pilot actions to be carried out in each of the places, there is a group of organizations (including the necessary stakeholders in the value chain) which will cooperate in order to fulfil the project goals for each of the pilot actions. Concretely, for each of the pilot actions, 3e-HOUSES project gathers the public authority responsible for the public building/space where the pilot will be tested, together with the supplier of the innovative solutions and usually an organization responsible for the energy efficiency initiatives for the involved public authority.

August, 5th 2013

Do you want to know what is 3e-Houses project? Click here to see the official video https://vimeo.com/66542877

April, 17th 2013

Coinciding with the completion of the 3e-Houses Project their participants have organized an international Congress related to energy efficiency in buildings and cities, during the 22nd to 23th of ...